Pocket Reduction Surgery in Cypress, TX

Pocket Reduction Surgery in Cypress, TX

Pocket reduction surgery refers to a group of procedures designed to provide access to the roots of the teeth to remove bacteria and tartar. At any given time, the human mouth harbors dozens of different microorganisms. Plaque bacteria create acids that cause demineralization of the tooth surface and, as a result, contribute to periodontal disease.

When periodontal diseases invade the subgingival area, they trigger a chronic inflammatory response in the body that kills bone and gum tissues. Periodontal disease is a degenerative disorder that, if left untreated, produces extensive bacteria colonization in gum pockets and, eventually, tooth loss. 

At Charles E. Dyer, IV, DDS, MS, PC, we use pocket reduction surgery to break the vicious cycle and lessen the depth of the bacteria-infested pockets.

Periodontal Pocket

Every tooth has small pockets of gum tissue surrounding it. This gum tissue is linked to the root of a tooth and can collect food and bacteria, which can normally be removed when brushing and flossing. 

As pockets deepen due to bacteria buildup and the input of host immunological and inflammation components, they become more challenging to clean, gather more potent bacteria, and lead to bone loss surrounding the teeth. 

Pockets are not seen on an X-ray until they cause bone loss. During your clinical evaluation, our periodontist will use a periodontal probe to measure your pockets.

Extensive gum pockets that do not respond to deep cleanings with freezing may necessitate surgical operations to clear the roots and level out the bone.

What to Expect During Pocket Reduction Surgery?

  • The dentist will first provide a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.
  • The gum tissue will be gently pulled back to show the plaque and tartar buildup.
  • The bacteria and any infected gum tissue will then be removed from around your tooth roots.
  • Any rough or uneven bone surfaces can be polished or sculpted to keep bacteria from accumulating there again.
  • Finally, our periodontist will stitch your gums to reduce pocket depth. This will aid in the reattachment of the tissue to the healthy bone and prevent bacteria from accumulating behind your gums.

The Benefits of Pocket Reduction Surgery

Combat Bacterial Spread

This is vital not just to support dental health but also to maintain overall wellness. Harmful oral germs can travel through the bloodstream to other regions of the body and have been related to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Stop Bone Loss and the Eventual Loss of the Teeth It Supports

By removing harmful bacteria, the periodontist prevents the persistent inflammation they cause and the degradation of bone tissue that results.

Reducing pocket depth and removing existing bacteria are critical for preventing periodontal disease progression and maintaining a healthy smile. For the best dental care, visit Charles E. Dyer, IV, DDS, MS, PC, at 16316 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429, or call (281) 304-9911.

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