Oral Biopsy in Cypress, TX

Oral Biopsy in Cypress, TX

Head and neck malignancies include oral cancer and cancer of the oropharynx (the portion of the throat that contains the tonsils, tongue base, and soft palate). If mouth cancer is suspected in a patient, a biopsy of the lesion will be required to make a diagnosis. 

At Charles E. Dyer, IV, DDS, MS, PC, we perform oral biopsies using numbing medicine (either a spray, a tiny injection, or both). After removing a section of the lesion, gauze will be placed to halt any slight bleeding resulting from the biopsy. The bleeding typically stops within a few minutes, but the doctor may also use a chemical cautery, such as silver nitrate, to stop it.

Types of Oral Biopsy

Aspiration Biopsy

For this type of biopsy, the dentist uses a needle and syringe to remove a sample of cells or the contents of a lesion. The lesion is likely solid if the oral surgeon cannot extract fluid or air.

Incisional Biopsy

This type of oral biopsy takes a representative sample of the oral lesion. If the lesion is extensive or has many different characteristics, more than one location may need to be sampled.

Punch Biopsy 

A punch tool is used for incisional and excisional reasons. This form of oral biopsy is ideally suited for diagnosing oral manifestations of mucocutaneous and ulcerative oral cavity disorders, such as lichen planus.

Brush Biopsy

For this type of oral biopsy, firm pressure is given with a circular brush and rotated ten times, generating minor abrasion. The brush-collected cellular material is transferred to a glass slide, preserved, and dried.

The Need for an Oral Biopsy

A dental expert may propose an oral biopsy for the following reasons:


Some lesions may make it difficult to eat and speak. A biopsy may be required to determine the cause of the lesion and provide appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Oral Cancer

If the dentist suspects a patient has oral cancer (which affects the head, neck, and mouth), a biopsy can be performed to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy can help determine the malignancy's stage, extent, and source if the patient has already been diagnosed with oral cancer.

If you have noticed specific symptoms in your oral cavity, such as sores or lesions, you may need to have an oral biopsy performed by an oral surgeon. For the best dental care tailored to your specific needs, visit Charles E. Dyer, IV, DDS, MS, PC, at 16316 Spring Cypress Rd, Cypress, TX 77429, or call (281) 304-9911.

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