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The progression of periodontal disease can create harmful pockets between your teeth and gums where bacteria accumulates. Fortunately, Charles E. Dyer, IV, DDS, performs pocket reduction surgery at his Cypress, Texas, office. This procedure can help reverse the effects of periodontal disease if your pockets are too deep to care for with solely at-home oral hygiene. It’s as safe as it is effective. To learn more, call to schedule a consultation at the office or use the online booking tool today.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

What is pocket reduction surgery?

Pocket reduction surgery refers to a series of procedures that are necessary after non-surgical methods to clean below the gum line have been exhausted. This procedure helps Dr. Dyer gain access to the teeth roots and get rid of stores of bacteria and tartar there.

When gum disease causes inflammation to your gums, it can lead to the creation of deep pockets between your teeth and gums where bacteria builds up. Pocket reduction surgery helps restore the health of your teeth and gums and get rid of those harmful pockets.

Why do I need pocket reduction surgery?

Dr. Dyer can help you determine if you need pocket reduction surgery. If he determines that the tissues around your teeth are unhealthy and cannot be repaired by non-surgical treatment, he may recommend pocket reduction surgery.

This form of oral surgery allows him to limit further damage from occurring around your gum line and around your healthy teeth.

Without it, gum disease can often progress and threaten the long-term health of your teeth, even causing tooth decay and tooth loss.

Pocket reduction surgery helps stimulate your mouth to repair some of the damage that has been caused by the loss of the supporting bone around your teeth.

How does pocket reduction surgery work?

Pocket reduction surgery is performed under local anesthetic. Dr. Dyer will use special dental instruments to gently separate your gum line back from your teeth.

He’ll perform scaling and root planing, a comprehensive cleaning method to fully remove tartar from your tooth root. Then, he makes sure the surfaces of your teeth are smooth so when your gums heal, they reattach to even surfaces.

Dr. Dyer also uses a special type of antimicrobial liquid to get rid of any lingering bacteria and promote the healing of your gums. He then sutures your gums with tiny stitches that will dissolve within 1-2 weeks of treatment.

Is pocket reduction surgery painful?

No, pocket reduction surgery shouldn’t be too painful. Since it’s performed under a local anesthetic, you should experience minimal to no discomfort or pain.

Also, Dr. Dyer is an experienced oral surgeon, so you’ll be in good hands. If you have any questions or concerns to bring up with him, you’ll have plenty of opportunities leading up to the procedure.

To learn more about pocket reduction surgery, call the office or use the online booking tool and set up a consultation today.

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