The Cost of Dental Implants: Is It Worth the Investment?

The Cost of Dental Implants: Is It Worth the Investment? from Charles E. Dyer IV, DDS, MS, PC in Cypress, TXDental implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth. It is a big decision to get these dental restorations because of the implant surgery. It may be an invasive process, but the results can last for a long time. Your dentist can help you go through this procedure and guide you through your recovery. Here are the reasons for considering dental implants as a worthy investment.

Improve one’s oral health

These restorations can improve one’s dental health. Tooth loss removes the dental roots that stimulate the jawbone. It ends the supply of nutrients for bone tissue repair and growth. Dental implants can serve as dental roots. The titanium rods prevent jawbone loss, which prevents more dental issues later on.

Implants occupy the dental space from tooth loss. The rods keep the neighboring teeth in place. Dental implants prevent shifting, which leads to teeth loosening. They also prevent more tooth loss.

Lasting benefits

Dental implants are durable. The high-quality materials, combined with proper care, can make these dental replacements last for a lifetime. This can result in more savings because there will be no need to replace the implants after a few years. Studies show that having implants is much like having a second chance at having natural teeth.

Enhance one’s quality of life

Tooth loss can affect a person’s quality of life in many ways. Speaking, smiling, and eating can become difficult. This results in a lower level of self-esteem. Dental implants are stable fillers of dental gaps. Each implant allows the person to do many activities without anxiety or embarrassment. These restorations can even lead to better opportunities in one’s personal life and career.

Help one look younger

Losing teeth leads to jawbone loss. When this happens, the facial structures lose support as well. This results in a sunken appearance with more wrinkles and fine lines. The lips appear more inward as well. Dental implants fill the spaces that result from tooth loss. They serve as dental roots that stimulate the jawbone, resulting in tissue repair and growth.

Do not harm neighboring natural teeth

Traditional dentures need healthy teeth so that metal clasps can attach to them for support and stability. Traditional bridges need abutment teeth that the dentist will grind down so that the dental crowns can fit over them for stability. These two restorations harm the enamel, leaving the teeth more susceptible to decay and infection. Dental implants stand alone with their titanium rods as the source of stability and strength. These restorations do not need neighboring teeth to stay in place.

Improve dental function

Missing teeth weakens the bite and causes dental and jaw pain. Dental implants can take the place of missing teeth and stop the neighboring teeth from loosening. Because of this, these restorations can end dental and jaw pain. Implants can strengthen one’s bite and chew again. Improvements in talking and smiling can also happen after getting this restoration.

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Dental implants are worth your time, effort, and money

Getting these dental restorations will provide you with the most stable and lasting smile. It may take some time, effort, and a significant investment to complete the process, but it will be worth it. Your appearance and dental health will improve with these restorations. Working with your dentist can make your new smile last for decades.

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