The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants from a Periodontist

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A periodontist can help with the placement of dental implants. These are dentists who specialize in diagnosing, preventing, and treating issues that affect gum tissues like periodontal disease, which is the second leading reason why people need dental care. A periodontist spends most of their time performing gum disease treatments, bone grafts, and dental implant placement.

Getting dental implants from a periodontist means your replacement teeth are placed by a dentist who has the surgical experience needed to ensure the implants are optimally placed for maximum stability. They understand how gum tissues will frame the replacement tooth. Periodontists have three years of additional training after dental school, learning about surgical procedures and issues that affect gum tissues.

Reasons to get dental implants from a periodontist

Dental implant placement is a complex procedure, regardless of how many implants a person needs. It is a surgical procedure that involves cutting into gum tissues and drilling into the patient's jawbone. The additional training periodontists receive equips them to give patients a pleasant experience while placing implants with a high success rate.

Some of the reasons why many informed people choose to have their implants placed by periodontists include:

1. A greater understanding of issues that could negatively affect implants

Periodontists specialize in taking care of the soft tissues in the mouth and are more likely to notice existing issues that could affect implant placement. Patients’ teeth, gums, and jawbones are thoroughly examined during the consultation phase of the procedure to determine if implants are the right option for them.

Any existing issues are usually treated before implant placement, increasing the success rate. For example, a periodontist might suggest deep teeth cleaning for patients with periodontal disease before placing implants or performing bone grafts to ensure a patient’s jawbone is thick enough to support implants.

2. More access to cutting-edge dental tools

Periodontists specializing in dental implant placement plus their understanding of the mouth’s structures gives them access to cutting-edge techniques and technology other dentists might not have. Periodontists are often asked to try new tools and techniques in the field, which usually leads to more efficient treatments for their patients.

Some of the innovative tools periodontists use to ensure proper dental implant placement include cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) – which uses 3D and 2D imaging technology to help locate the optimal spots to place implants in the mouth. Many periodontists also offer guided implant surgery that works with CBCT and specialized software to plan the implant’s placement and create a temporary bridge before the surgical procedure so there is no need for guesswork when the implants are being surgically placed.

3. More anesthesia and healing options

Periodontists are trained to perform surgical procedures, which gives them access to more anesthetics and sedatives. Anesthetics ensure patients are comfortable and relaxed during their treatments, while sedatives can be used to address any anxiety. A periodontist is qualified to administer all types of sedatives and anesthetics used in dentistry.

Periodontists are also trained to use advanced healing techniques like guided tissue and bone regeneration to help patients heal properly after dental implant surgery. This speeds up the recovery process, allowing patients to get their permanent implant crown a lot sooner.

4. Higher success rate

The placement of implants has a 95%+ success rate regardless of what type of dentist performs the procedure, but the risk of complications goes down even lower when the procedure is performed by a periodontist.

Most implant failures are due to improper preparation of the surgical site or poor placement of the implant. Periodontists specialize in the structures in the mouth like the jawbone and gum tissues, making them better qualified than other dentists to select the most favorable areas for implant placement. They use tools like 3D imaging to help select optimal spots for implants.

The benefits of choosing dental implants over other tooth replacement options

Dental implants are the popular way to replace missing teeth these days for various reasons. Some of the reasons why dentists often recommend them to patients with missing teeth include:

  • Preserves the jawbone: Implants help to prevent the bone tissue breakdown that occurs when teeth and their roots fall out. This helps to preserve the patient’s facial structures
  • Lasts a lifetime: Implants are surgically inserted in the jaw and designed to last the rest of the patient’s life. Most people will never have to get a replacement implant once it has been placed
  • Feels natural: Implants feel natural in the mouth, and the crowns that go on them feel and look like real teeth
  • No need for special cleaning: Implants do not need special cleaning as is the case with dentures. Patients can return to their normal dental routine once the process is complete

Restore your smile with implants

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