3 Key Benefits of Dental Implants

3 Key Benefits of Dental Implants from Charles E. Dyer IV, DDS, MS, PC in Cypress, TXThose missing teeth and seeking a way to restore their smile should consider dental implants. Dentists and their patients are discovering the many benefits of this tooth-replacement over other options, such as dentures and bridges. If you are missing one or more teeth like so many adults, dental implants offer a way to restore your smile that feels and looks natural. This article looks closer at dental implants and their three key benefits.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny screw-like metal posts that a dentist surgically implants in the jaw. After the implant integrates into the jawbone and after a healing period, the dentist completes the implant with an abutment topped with a porcelain dental crown. In addition to replacing a single tooth, dental implants can support a bridge or a denture if multiple teeth are missing.

Why choose dental implants?

There are three major advantages dental implants have over traditional bridges and dentures. Let us take a closer look at each:

1. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth

Dental implants are the teeth replacement option most similar to having natural teeth. Once the procedure is complete, patients can chew and speak just as they did with natural teeth. There is no worry about the teeth slipping out of place. In addition, patients do not have to take them out for soaking or cleaning like dentures. The oral hygiene routine those with dental implants follow is similar to the one recommended for natural teeth. However, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste is important.

2. Dental implants stimulate the jaw & keep teeth in place

One of the most exciting benefits of dental implants is the fact that dental implants can prevent bone loss. Unlike traditional dentures and bridges, where the root is not replaced, a dental implant replaces the tooth root with the implant post. This process means that the jawbone continues to be stimulated, preventing the bone loss that often comes with tooth loss. Therefore, in addition to preventing surrounding teeth from shifting out of place, dental implants help to maintain the density of the jawbone, supporting oral health and helping to maintain facial structure.

3. They last longer than other methods

Traditional dentures and bridges eventually need to be replaced. Dentists recommend the replacement of dentures every five to seven years. A traditional bridge can last ten years with proper care. However, dental implant posts can last several decades. Though the crown portion of the implant will eventually need replacement, with proper care, the posts can last the rest of the patient’s life.

Who is a good candidate?

Dental implant candidates must be in good general health and healthy enough for surgery. Good oral health is also necessary; the patient must have adequate jawbone density to support the implant. Patients interested in dental implants must also understand that the process can take six months to a year and involves multiple procedures.

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Restore your smile with dental implants

Dental implants give those with tooth loss the ability to smile confidently. This tooth replacement option brings back natural smiles and restores the oral health of those missing one or more teeth. Call us today to learn more about dental implants and determine if they are right for you.

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