Why Dr. Dyer?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Houston, TX

Dr. Dyer has built a successful dental practice in Houston, TX by providing personalized, tailored care and state-of-the-art technology. Together, these techniques have helped Dr. Dyer maintain a level of trust with his patients while delivering successful results. Dr. Dyer’s office specializes in advanced periodontology and implantology, as well as comfortable surgical procedures which allow our team to see more patients without charging them through the nose.

Dr. Dyer has been recognized for his passionate, expert service with numerous awards from the Cypress community. Dr. Dyer and his team continue to strive for further excellence and hope to continue providing high-quality care on every single on of their services on a daily basis. His patients continue to trust him with the expert dental care they need, whether it’s for crown lengthening, bone grafting, dental implants or much more!

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Crown Lengthening Houston TX 

View the H Texas Video Interview of Dr. Dyer’s Periodontist Practice

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