Dental Implants Houston, TX

We are experienced in dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, bone grafting and much more. Our emphasis is always on patient comfort and care. For state of the art technology along with experience in the newest procedures and surgeries, we offer the most successful results for our patients in Houston, TX. If you have been looking for an experienced dentist with a dedicated and caring staff, trust the office of Dr. Charles E. Dyer DDS, MS, PC.

We are known for advanced dental treatments and compassionate service. Patients throughout Houston, TX come to us for a wide range of services. These services include everything from routine cleanings to emergencies. We can handle the most basic procedures and more complex treatments. Dr. Dyer and his team specialize in a number of advanced dental services, including crown lengthening, bone grafting, oral biopsies, wisdom teeth extractions, loose teeth, and dental implants. Our expert team is fully certified to provide you with the best treatment possible, no matter what you need. 

Dental Implants Houston TX

Experts in Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Bone Grafting and much more in Houston, TX.

Our wide range of dental services includes:
  • Hard Tissue (Bone) Grafting
  • Soft Tissue (Gum) Grafting
  • Oral Biopsies 
  • Extractions
  • Pocket Depth Reduction 
  • Sinus Augmentation
  • Bone Tissue Regeneration
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • Frenectomies 
  • Canine Exposures
  • Biologic Testing
  • Temporary Anchorage Devices
  • Dental Implants 
  • Crown Lengthening 
  • Emergency Dentistry

Services & Treatment Descriptions

We offer a comfortable atmosphere and accept all types of insurance. Referrals are welcome! We handle everything from general cleanings and wisdom teeth extractions to oral biopsies and bone grafting.  

Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options!

Biologic Testing

Oral Biopsies
 A simple procedure performed to remove a sample of soft tissue or bone. The sample is then examined by a laboratory. The purpose is to find out the nature of an abnormality, called a lesion.

Bone Tissue Regeneration
Bone tissue regeneration is a surgical procedure aimed at growing new bone for proper support around teeth. It might be used after tooth extraction to build bone for implants, to preserve tooth sockets for future prosthesis, or to repair bone defects.

Canine Exposures
Impacted canines not only affect a person's smile, but can also pose an issue for nearby teeth and gum tissue. Canine exposure involves uncovering the impacted canine tooth to prepare it for orthodontia.

Cosmetic Procedures

Crown Lengthening
Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure performed to expose enough tooth structure for supporting fillings or crowns. Cosmetic issues resulting from "gummy smile" can also be resolved through crown lengthening.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are surgical fixtures placed in the jawbone to support crowns, bridges, and dentures. More secure than conventional tooth replacements, dental implants are an excellent long-term solution for lost or missing teeth.

 Emergency Dentistry
For loose teeth, cracked teeth, mouth pain, or toothache, emergency dentistry is needed to treat the underlying causes and prepare for relief. 

When decay or trauma make teeth un-salvageable, they must be removed to prevent infection. Teeth may also be extracted when there is not enough room in the mouth to accommodate them, as is the case with some wisdom teeth.

A frenectomy is a surgical removal of certain muscle tissues, or frenums, in the mouth. These tissues connect the gums to the upper lip (labial frenum) or the tongue to the floor of the mouth (lingual frenum). Labial frenums can create large gaps between the front two teeth and lingual frenums can impair speech. In these cases, a frenectomy is performed to improve mouth appearance and function.

Hard Tissue (Bone) Grafting
Hard tissue grafts recreate bone and soft supporting tissues lost to gum disease or trauma. Bone grafts also create a solid foundation for dental implants.

Pocket Depth Reduction
Advanced gum disease can cause gums to become loose, and as the gums pull away from the teeth, pockets are created just below the gum line. These pockets are ideal places for bacteria to grow. Pocket depth reduction pulls back the gum tissue to eliminate tartar and plaque. When the gum is reattached, the size of the pocket, and the opportunity for harmful bacterial growth, are greatly reduced.

Sinus Augmentation
Sinus augmentation, or sinus lift surgery, adds bone to the upper jaw around the molars. Sinus augmentation is necessary for several reasons: bone loss due to tooth loss, bone loss due to gum disease, and insufficient bone support for dental implants.

Soft Tissue (Bone) Grafting
Gum grafts are used to develop absent tissue due to gum recession or exposed roots. Gum grafts can reduce further gum deterioration, inhibit bone loss, and prevent decay.

Temporary Anchorage Devices

Wisdom Teeth Extractions
As the third set of molars in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are removed for many reasons. Impaction, insufficient mouth space, threat of infection or decay, and even coming in at the wrong angle are all causes for wisdom teeth removal.

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